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The 3B’s Restaurante has a menu carefully chosen by chef Lucas Bougeard.
We have the 2nd best artisanal hamburger in Portugal, we were in the 24th position in the contest The best taste of Portugal promoted by Unilever Food Service and we chose the Restaurant Guru 2020 in Viseu.
Each dish is prepared with the highest quality ingredients to guarantee you a unique gastronomic experience!

Meat platter and snacks

Awarded by Unilever Food Service

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Our dishes are designed to give you the pleasure of each bite. Meat platter and snacks boards, all-you-can-eat buffet, salads, desserts and more …

The bestsburgers

Awarded by Unilever Food Service

Your eventswith us

Whether to celebrate your birthday, get together with friends and family or simply celebrate something good, enjoy our benefits for you and your group.

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